Thank you, Women In Tech Fund! by Rakhi Sharma

This blog post was authored by Rakhi Sharma, and originally published at on Jul 1st, 2018.

I Spoke at Hong Kong Open Source Conference 2018 about my favorite topic: Browsers.

A big thanks to Women in tech fund, Because of them I was able to make it possible. They sponsored my travel to the conference.




HKOSCoN 2018 Edition took place in Hongkong Science park! They had around 300 attendees. The first day of the conference was all about open source, Block Chain, Haxe programming language and R. One of my favorite talk from Day 1 was Maintaining Open Source While Maintaining Your Sanity by Simon MacDonald, He is a developer advocate at Adobe! After his talk, I had detailed discussion with him about open source software, maintenance, and contributions! He came all the way from Canada to Hong Kong, it was so nice talking to him about open source.

Simon talking about Maintaining Open Source While Maintaining Your Sanity!

Simon talking about Maintaining Open Source While Maintaining Your Sanity!


Later, I met Jason who talked about Haxe as a better JavaScript, I got a better understanding of Haxe after his talk. He introduced me to Kevin and Andy, who also are Haxe developers, later we talked about Haxe and Javascript over lunch. Day 1 ended with Martin Bähr talk and panel discussion on Blockchain.

Day 2 started with the talk on Run Multiple Isolated Web Applications on Containers with a Single IP in the Cloud by Jeremy ChengHeading to the New Stage of MySQL 8.0 by Ivan MaHsing-Yen Chen talked about Open Source of Agriculture which was a bit new and unique to me! I never thought of Open Source and agriculture relationships!

After Lunch, I had my talk scheduled, Which went pretty well.  The conference room was pretty much full.  This is me talking about Browser- Behind the scenes!


I got a lot of question later the talk and I was pretty much happy about it. Few people approached me after the talk and we talked about browsers in deep! This is me taking questions from the audience!


Day 2 ended with Gary’s talk on Practical JavaScript Fuzzing. Overall, I had an amazing experience at HKOSCoN. Slides of my talk are available here.

Finally, Kudos to Women in Tech fund team, for all the good work they are doing :)

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