I want to go to a conference where you are not offering tickets yet.

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  • Make sure you apply at least 2 months before the conference if you'd like to be considered.
    • We do not cover travel cost if you are not speaker of that conference.
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  • Make sure you fill all details about the conference you want to attend.
  • If you cannot afford the travel cost, and you are a speaker; it is important that you let us know from where are you traveling.
  • In the message, we are interested to know YOUR story.
    • Make us understand why we should consider your application.
    • How your experience will help other woman and impact your community?

We speak both English and Spanish. If the conference is international, we expect applications in English.

Please remember that we evaluate each request based on our selection policies. If there are multiple requests for the same conference, a priority criteria will be applied. See our policies.

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