Tickets are not transferable

The tickets granted by the Independent Fund for Women In Tech are not transferable. In case the awarded person cannot attend the event, she needs to communicate us shortly; so, the organization can grant the ticket to someone else on the waiting list.

Accommodation and travel not included 

The Independent Fund for Women in Tech agrees on granting entry tickets to conferences. The organization does not agree on granting funding for travel or accommodation unless specified explicitly. If the lack of travel and accommodation support is impeding the person to attend the event, this needs to be communicated as soon as possible.

petitions only

Every participant has to submit her individual postulation. If somehow she was involved in a team project, she has to specify how she was involved and provide details about the project lead; in case that one of our team members has to corroborate the information.

Liability Disclaimer 

The Independent Fund for Women in Tech is NOT responsible if the conference is cancelled, delayed or suspended.

Grant cancellation responsibility

If an awarded participant cannot attend the conference, she has the ethical responsibility to contact us as soon as possible to assign that ticket to someone else who can attend it.

Change on terms and conditions

The terms and conditions are subject to change without previous notifications. Always check on this page to be updated with the latest policies.


Selection Criteria for Awarding Tickets

The following criteria apply for choosing the recipients of the conference tickets:

  • The applicant requested the conference ticket by herself, following the policies of the Independent Fund for Women In Tech.
  • The applicant identifies herself as a woman.
  • The Independent Fund for Women In Tech will give priority to students and individuals with low income.
  • The Independent Fund for Women In Tech will give priority to individuals that haven't been awarded a ticket from the Fund the current year.