We are convinced that for this initiative to succeed we need to be transparent with our policies, candidates selection criteria, and monetary donations. Building trust starts with transparency. 

We do this because we have experienced it ourselves, or heard of numerous cases were an initiative like this could have made a difference. We don't want to let luck define our success.

How does this work?

In the section below you will see all the donations made by date anonymised. These monetary donations will go to cover specific ticket requests to conferences, and travel &  accommodation requests. The incomes and outcomes will appear here. If you have any questions regarding any of the transactions, send us an email.


It is our compromise to help women in technology, computer science and information security to attend conferences in order to boost their career. Our transparency is our compromise to this cause to make it last, to build trust, and to be accountable for our actions.

Date Source Purpose Amount transferred Paypal Fees Amount Received Total Available in the Fund
2018/03/26 PayPal Not specified 5,00 USD 0,57 USD 4,43 USD 4,43 USD
2018/03/26 PayPal Not specified 100,00 USD 4,70 USD 95,30 USD 99,73 USD
2018/03/26 PayPal Not specified 122 USD